Detailed specifications are available upon request(詳細規格可於需求時提供) .

Customized specifications are available, please contact HangHsing for the detail(特殊規格可進行開發,詳情請洽航興).

EMI Suppression Filters

01   Ferrite Chip Bead  

       FCM1005/1608/2012/3216/3225/4516/4532 Series

     HCB1608/2012/3216/3225/4516/4532/5750 Series

02   Chip Common Mode Choke Coils  

      SMH2020/2320/252020/3225/4532 Series

Chip Coils/Inductors  

03   Monolithic Type For General Use  

     FCI1608/2012/2520/3216/3225/4532 Series

04   Winding Type For General Use  

     LPI2015/I2520/3216/3225/4532/5750 Series

05   Molded Wire wound Type For General Use  

       WCI3225/4532 Series

06   Molded Wire wound Type For Choke Use  

      WHI3225/4532 Series

Lead Type Fixed Inductors  

07   Radial Inductors  

      PK0406/0608/0810/0912/1012/1016 Series

      RI0605/0606/0805/0807/0809/1006/1008/1010/1014 Series

      PKB0807/1008/1010 Series

08   Axial Inductors  

     AL0204/0307/0410/0510 Series

09   Toroid Inductors  

     TCV/TCH Iron Power Choke Coils

Lead Type EMI Suppression Filters  

10   Bead RH Series  

      A Type/Type/C Type/D Type/E Type/F Type Series

11   EMI (Shielded) Coils  

      R6H/R8H/R11H Series

Lead Type Line Filters  

12   Toroid Line Filters  

      LF Series

13   UU Type Core Line Filters  

       LFU09/10/15 Series

14   UT/ET Type Core Line Filters  

       LFE20/24/28/ Series

15   Date Line Filters  

      BCB809535/649075/751175/101212 Series

Lead Type High Current Power Chokes  

16   Toroid Iron Power Chokes  

      TCV/TCH Series

17   Bobbin Core Power Chokes  

       PCV1420/1920/2420 Series

18   Rod Core Power Chokes  

       HC Series

19   DI Core High Current Power Chokes  

        BWH129D Series

SMD Power Inductors

20   Unshielded Power Inductors  

      FPI0301/0302/0302L/0403/0502/0503/0504/0703/0705/1004/1005 Series

      DS1608/1704/2506/3308/3316/3340/5022 Series  

      CHTPW3308/3316/3340/5022 Series

      BS3316/5022 Series  

      LDR655312 Series  

      TP0603/0604/0605/0703/0705/1003/1004 Series

22   Toroid Iron Power Chokes  

     SDT3713/4416/5019/5025 Series  

     SCT-1P/2P/3P/4P Series

21   Shielded Power Inductors  

    SRI0703/0704/1204/1205/1207 Series

    SRB0603/0605/0703/0704/1204/1205/1207 Series  


    DSS1608/3316/5022 Series

    CHTPR2012/3308/3316/5022 Series  

    MPI0502/0603/0705/1005/1205 Series  

    SPI6025/6028/6038/6048/7028/7030/7032/7045/10130/10145/12555/12565/12575 Series

    CDRH2D11/2D14/2D18/3D11/3D16/3D28/4D18/4D28/5D18/5D28/6D28/6D38 Series

    CDRH8D28/8D38/8D43 Series  

    SDRH4D18/4D28/5D18/5D28/6D28/6D38 Series  

    CDRH10D30/10D40/10D50/10D60/10D68 Series

    CDRH10D50MN Series

    SDS0420/0518/0520/0530&0610/0620/0625/0630/0635&1203/1205/1206/1208 Series  

    SDR3811/3818/5010/5012/5018/5020/5025 Series  

    CDR0703/0704/1004/1007 Series

SMD High Current Power Inductors

23   Iron Core High Current Power Chokes  


24   DI Core High Current Power Chokes  

    SLPI1208 Series & BWH129L Series

25   Ultra High Current Power Chokes  

    SIC12 Series

SMD Common Mode Chokes

26   Balun Core Common Mode Chokes  

    B4W/B5W/T4W/T5W Series  

27   SH Core Common Mode Chokes  

    SMH465516/058505/750603/100805/121006 Series

28   R6H Core Common Mode Chokes  

    SMB060604/080604/100604 Series

SMD EMI Suppression Filters SMD Balun Transformer

29   R5H SMD EMI Coils  

    R5H0505/0510 Series

30   Surface Mount Balun Transformers  

     SBT4F/5F/5FL Series

Current Transformers for Measurement

31   Current Transformers for Measurement AX Series  



Reliability and Test condition (綼┦のㄤ代刚兵ン)

Soldering and Mounting (瞜奎┦の杆禟) 

Packaging (玻珇杆)

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