Surface Mount Unshielded Power Inductors

  Small Surface Mount Unshielded Power Inductors LDR Series


  These products are low height type power inductors optimum to a DC-DC converter for driving an LCD panel. A plane accuracy of a user terminal is increased by separating a winding terminal. In addition, an application of a new-designed thin type drum core significantly lowers leakage flux so as to satisfy needs for high density mounting.


1, The first low height realized by using new magnetic material superior in superimposed 

    DC current characteristics with high specific resistance and by adopting a design in 

    which a lead frame is directly bonded.

2, Mountable on the back side of the LCD surface because of low height type (1.20mm


3, Low leakage flux drum core with original design applied.

4, Size equivalent to a half of a conventional core having the same characteristics

    realized, thus enabling light weight (0.1g max.).

5, Automatic inserter usable in taping specifications.

6, All terminals are welded without lead.

LCD driving circuits (DC-DC converters) such as notebook-sized personal computers, portable terminal equipment, game units


Shape & Dimensions(外觀呎吋):  (unit: mm)

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