Lead Type High Current Iron Power Inductors

  Toroidal Iron High Current Power Inductors TCV/H Series



1. Extremely cost effective design.( 低成本設計。)

2. Useful for application requiring inductance to vary with current load 

    changes.( 適合感值需隨電流變化之應用。)

3. Self electromagnetic shielding.( 自我的磁遮蔽。)

4. Useful wide variety of power conversion and line filter application.


5. Wound on iron power material triodes.(采用功率型鐵粉芯鐵芯材料繞制。)

6. High current, Low resistance, current up to 45 Amps.(大電流低阻抗,電流



Excellent for power line DC-DC conversion applications used in personal computers and other handheld

electronic equipment.適合於個人電腦和其他掌上型電子設備中電源線路上直流對直流整流的應用。

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